Rehabilitation and re-socialization

At the end of 2012, with the initiative of Minister of Justice of Georgia Rehabilitation and Re-socialization program was founded. This is the first state program which supports former prisoners. The aim of the program is to promote  the rehabilitation process of former prisoners released from penitentiary establishment and to support their successful reintegration into the society.
Working with offenders starts in penitentiary, 1-2 months before they are released. During this phase, they are informed about the services offered by the Center form Crime Prevention.
Involvement of former prisoners in rehabilitation and re-socialization program is voluntary. After they apply for participation in the program, each beneficiary is assigned a social worker who is his/her case manager and work individually with him/her.
Social workers have certain instruments to evaluate beneficiaries on bio-psycho social level and based on their needs refer them to rehabilitation programs.
Social worker continues working with former prisoners and their families and monitors their involvement in the abovementioned programs and activities. Working process continues on average 6 (six) months.
In order to create effective re-socialization program, other available services are sought and renewed permanently in Tbilisi, as well as in other regions of Georgia. As a result an electronic service database is created which helps social workers to conduct their tasks effectively.
The program has the grants competition to improve the services. The winner organizations offer different services to beneficiaries.
For successful management of rehabilitation and  re-socialization program, involvement of non-governmental and governmental organizations is essential. Therefore united group of re-socialization and rehabilitation is founded which holds working meetings. During the working meetings united governmental strategy will be created.
The hot line of rehabilitation and re-socialization program: 2145 145