Mediation is one of the main areas of work of LEPL Center for Crime Prevention as it can be used as one of the most useful instruments for crime prevention. Thus, the center actively works on development and implementation of mediation programs.
In November 2010, Juvenile Diversion and Mediation Program was launched and since that the program is managed by the Center for Crime Prevention. Mediators who work with the juveniles in conflict with the law and victims in order to successfully practice restorative justice are the employees of our center. The analysis of the results of the Diversion and Mediation Program shows that big majority of the diversion cases involving mediation were successfully decided and number of repeated crimes is very low. This prosperous experience gave an opportunity to Crime Prevention Center for launching new programs in the field of mediation.
In order to further develop mediation strategy and its effective management, a Mediation Center opened in 2014 on the base of Center for Crime Prevention.The ultimate goal of the Mediation Center is crime prevention using the mediation method. The center will work in several areas to achieve this goal:
Mediation Center Objectives:
•    Creating standards of mediators’ area of work/improve and establish qualification requirements, elaborate code of conduct for mediators;
•    Spread the information about the mediation all over the country;
•    Enhance and implement mediation forms;
•    Expand mediation areas;
•    Create workspace for holding mediation cases in the capital city;
•    Create resource center for mediators and others interested parties in mediation;
As mentioned above, mediation nowadays is only used as a mechanism of restorative justice. The mediation center will try to widen the area of work meaning that mediation can be used not only for diversion cases but also along with penalties and even after imprisonment for rehabilitation and re-socialization of the former prisoner and the victim as well.
Besides, Mediation Center together with its partner organizations will try to implement other practices of mediation such as: Family Mediation, School Mediation and Street Mediation. Mediation in these fields will help to solve social problems such as family violence and bullying and thus will make an important contribution to crime prevention.