About us

LEPL Center for Crime Prevention under the Ministry of Justice of Georgia was established in September 2012. Center is personally monitored by the Minister of Justice.
The mission of the Center:
Promote the prevention of recidivism in Georgia, working with risk groups and implementing projects related to Primary Crime Prevention.
Center’s basic programs and directions:
a)    One of the major priorities of the Center is the Rehabilitation and Re-socialization program for former prisoners, which was established in December, 2012 with the initiative of the Minister of Justice of Georgia, Miss Tea Tsulukiani. Under the program, along with other supplementary services, special focus is made on former prisoner’s physical and mental health problems,  promotion of vocational education and  employment support in the appropriate direction; The program aims, on the one hand to protect the society from recidivism and on the other hand  the former prisoner’s to return to full-fledged citizenship.
b)    Management and development of the Juvenile Diversion Program;
c)    Working with groups at risk of committing crime, creating a referral system and finding an appropriate support in the frames of already existing program;
d)    Working on projects related to Primary Crime Prevention;
e)    Developing and Coordinating of grant programs, to achieve the goals set by the Ministry of Justice for rehabilitation and re-socialization of former prisoners, juvenile justice and generally crime prevention;
f)    Implementing other  projects which have strategic importance for the Ministry  and are innovative;